St Pierre Christmas Market Visit

A visit to the Christmas market in St Pierre d'Oleron in December is not to be missed and over the last 20 years we have arranged annual trips and regularly had a stall selling local English produce in France.

This year a group of 8 will be heading to St Pierre on the weekend of the 15/16 December - £9.99 each way with Ryanair to La Rochelle can't be bad - and Phil Mann will be driving down with all the produce. 

We have always been generously supported by local businesses and it's just another way of cementing the relationship between our two communities - plus St Pierre's other twin towns who also send a group - Carinena in Spain, Spangenberg in Germany and Pleszew in Poland.

If you'd like to join us there's still time to pick up a cheap flight.

Le jumelage fête son 20éme anniversaire en Mai 2019

En Mai 2019 marque le 20ème anniversaire du jumelage entre Lane End et St Pierre d'Oléron

Association de jumelage de Lane End

L'association Lane End Twinning a pour objectif de promouvoir les relations entre Lane End et St Pierre d'Oléron. Par ce biais nous tissons des liens sociaux, culturels et commerciaux entre nos deux communautés.


Le jumelage concerne avant tout les communautés locales.

 Pour réussir, nous avons besoin de vous- pour un jumelage plus inclusif, des plans pour de futurs événements, des idées et vos commentaires



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